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zu unserem tierischen Praxisfest!

Wann? Sonntag, den 15. April 2018, von 11.00 – 17.00 Uhr
Wo? Niederrheinstraße 124, 40474 Düsseldorf-Lohausen
Spaß! Flohmarkt | Tombola | Ponyreiten | Infostände, Kunst & Handwerk – rund ums Tier | Kaffee & Kuchen
Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen!
Bitte keine Geschenke. Spenden sind herzlich willkommen.
Der Tageserlös geht an tiergebundene Projekte.

Sonderinformation zu Karneval

Sehr geehrte Patientenbesitzer

Am Rosenmontag, den 12.02.2018 ist die Praxis nachmittags geschlossen.

An allen anderen Karnevalstagen sind wir wie gewohnt für Sie zu erreichen.

In dringenden Notfällen wenden Sie sich bitte an:


Liebe Patientenbesitzer,

top aktuelle Infos rund um das Thema Hund und Katze sowie zu unserer Praxis finden Sie auf unserer Facebookseite. Viel Spaß beim durchstöbern unserer Seite

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Invitation to our animal practice party!

When? Sunday, April 15, 2018, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where? Niederrheinstrasse 124, 40474 Dusseldorf-Lohausen

Fun! Flea Market | Raffle | Pony riding | Info Stands, Arts & Crafts - All About the Animal | Coffeecake

We are looking forward to your coming!

Please no gifts. Donations are welcome.

The daily proceeds go to animal-related projects.

Dogs in Nepal need your help

For everyone how is interrested in donation, adoption or volunteer for streetdogs, we would like to introduce you the following association.

Dear clients

Welcome to Düsseldorf! We would like to advise you on the rules and regulations for pet ownership in Düsseldorf. This will help you enjoy your stay and avoid legal trouble.


Whether you bring a dog to Düsseldorf or acquire one here-- regardless of age or size-- you are required to register your dog and pay Dog Tax, or Hundesteuer.* This is necessary for any stay longer than 2 months at a time. From the third month, Hundesteuer must be paid even if your dog is still registered where it came from. Dog Tax can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You can opt not to pay if you and your dog are away for one month or more. If you have a second home in Düsseldorf and your primary residence is elsewhere in Germany, Dog Tax should be paid where you reside primarily.

To contact Dog Tax authorities:


If your dog’s shoulder height is 40 cm (15 3/4in.) or more and weights 20kg (44lbs) or more, you are required, in Germany, to acquire a certificate that shows you know how to handle a large dog and can cope with the dog in difficult situations. To earn this certificate, or Sachkundebescheinigung

1) your dog must have a readable microchip

2) you must pass a 4-page, multiple-choice test, or Sachkundeprüfung, available at ourclinic in English.

3) dog-owner’s liability insurance, or Hundehaftpflicht Versicherung

Often, this can be incorporated into your household insurance or Hausrat Versicherung. Proof of these 3 requirements must be handed in or sent to the Ordnungsamt in Düsseldorf.


Dogs must be kept an a lead in the following areas: parks, gardens, woods, fields, meadows, in the city and residential areas. The same applies for bringing your dog to public buildings, schools and pre-schools ornurseries. Dogs are prohibited on children’s playgrounds, in cemeteries or wherever food is sold, such as bakeries, butchers' or supermarkets.


Within Düsseldorf there are about 30 areas where dogs are welcome to run free. The details…

Dogs may also run free on the banks of the Rhine in the following areas, as long as they remain below the dyke and off the paths designated for horseback riders.


Should your pet go missing, this free service could help re-unite you: Register your micro- chipped pet with, a pet locating service for dogs and cats. Charity-run and funded by donations, this Europe-wide service is highly effective in re-uniting hundreds of dogs and cats with their owners each year.

Important: Please have your vet ascertain that your pet’s microchip is readable in Europe!


Allowing your cat to roam freely is against the law until the cat has been neutered.


Since January 1, 2010, your dogs, cat or ferret can accompany you when traveling to Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland or Malta without a rabies antibody test. Proof of rabies vaccination is still required. It remains, as yet, unclear whether a worming treatment will be required for pets entering England.

For further details, check the DEFRA website.

For further information regarding travel to other countries, see

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